South Loop Final AUAR

The South Loop District Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) and Mitigation Plan was adopted by the City Council in April 2002 and updated in 2009, 2012 and 2017.  It encompasses the 2,350-acre South Loop District bound by I-494 and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on the north, TH 77 (Cedar Ave) on the west, and the Minnesota River and Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge on the south and east.

The AUAR was prepared in accordance with the requirements in Minnesota Rules Section 4410.3610.  An AUAR is an alternative to site specific environmental reviews such as an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and provides for analysis of the cumulative environmental impacts of development in the study area over multiple years.  

2017 AUAR Update

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2012 Update

Revised (final) 2012 AUAR Update

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2009 Update

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