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Bloomington's South Loop District is a distinctive urban center where people build their lives around work and community. It's a trendy neighborhood at the crossroads of the metro area's transportation networks, yet it's only moments away from the quiet, unspoiled beauty of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

The South Loop District extends from I-494 on the north, TH 77 on the west, to the Minnesota River on the south and east.  The City Council adopted the South Loop District Plan in August of 2013.

The South Loop District is not a retreat from modern life, but a confluence of environmental and economic forces. The District is a center for business and employment, connected to the Twin Cities metropolitan area by adjacent freeways and convenient transit, and to global centers such as Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, and London via direct flights from the nearby Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Why does South Loop prosper? Because it has unparalleled connectivity; it is a regional center for commerce; and it brings together urban development and natural resources in one place.

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