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Forward 2040 Documents

Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan - May 2018 Draft

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan - May 2018 Draft is posted below.

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PDF icon Element 1 Introduction

  • Vision, values, and desired outcomes
  • Summary of update process

PDF icon Element 2 Land Use

  • Redevelopment priorities
  • Demographic changes
  • Implications of shifting retail model, sharing economy, and autonomous vehicles
  • Improving access to alternative, renewable energy

PDF icon Element 3 Housing

  • Overview of City’s existing housing supply, by type and affordability
  • Forecast of future housing demand by type and affordability
  • Preserving housing quality and affordability
  • Expanding housing choices

PDF icon Element 4 Transportation

  • Improvements to alternative transportation facilities (bicycle, pedestrian, transit)
  • Improvements to roads and freight transportation to accommodate forecast growth
  • Strategies to enhance mobility and accessibility

PDF icon Element 5 Airport

  • Mitigating noise impacts
  • Ensuring new development meet airport safety regulations (use and height restrictions)

PDF icon Element 6 Utilities

  • Improvements to sewer, water, and stormwater management systems to accommodate forecast growth and enhance resilience to climate shifts.
  • Strategic renewal of aging utility infrastructure.
  • Enhancing sustainability through conservation, reuse, and recycling.

PDF icon Element 7 Community Facilities

  • Implications of changing demographics on community programs and services.
  • Creating a sense of identity and neighborhood connection and engagement.
  • Fostering healthy lifestyles.

PDF icon Element 8 Implementation

  • Summary of tools and programs to implement plan recommendations, including funding sources and partners.