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Forward 2040

Draft Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan update now available

The December draft approved for submittal for Metropolitan Council review can be found on the Documents page here:

Forward 2040 Cover

In mid May, the City released the draft Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan update for review by the general public and affected jurisdictions (adjacent cities, county, school districts, watershed districts, state agencies).  Over the summer and fall, city staff received input on the draft plan at various community events.  Official public hearings were held at Planning Commission on November 8th and November 29th. The City Council held a public hearing on December 3rd and adopted a resolution approving submittal of the Forward 2040 Bloomington Comprehensive Plan Update for Metropolitan Council review.

Open House 

An open house was held on September 5, 2018 to present key components of the Comprehensive Plan Draft. Click the images below to see the information boards that were on display. Any questions or comments can be directed to
Sustainability and Resilience

Community Image and Identity

Ideas for Bloomington's Future - Sustainability and Community Image

Strategies Redevelopment and Transportation Strategies Sustainability and Community Identity

Redevelopment Sustainability and Resilience

Transportation  Community Image and Identity

Use our Forward 2040 feedback form to share your questions, concerns and comments. You can also send an email to

Community Event Date(s)
Draft Plan Release for Review 05/10
Sustainability Commission 06/12
Advisory Board of Health 06/26
Wrights Lake Celebration 06/23
Creekside Luncheon 07/10
Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission 07/11
Human Rights Commission 07/16
Farmers Markets 07/28, 08/11, 08/25
Jump Start to School 08/08
Open House 08/21, 09/05
Bloomington League of Women Voters 09/04
Heritage Days 09/15
Planning Commission - Public Hearing 11/08
City Council - Public Hearing 12/03

Comprehensive Plan Organization and How to Navigate

Forward 2040 is organized by thematic elements (chapters), such as Land Use, Transportation, etc.  Each element defines goals and strategies to address the opportunities and challenges related to the element topic.  Goals describe what the City hopes to achieve by 2040.  Strategies describe actions or approaches the City will take to achieve the goals.

The draft plan is available on the Documents tab.  Comments on the draft can be submitted via webform here: BLM.MN/Comp_Plan_Feedback or email at

Ways to get involved in Forward 2040: