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Forward 2040

Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan Scheduled for Adoption

Forward 2040 Cover

The comprehensive plan sets the City’s 20-year vision through a set of goals, policies, and strategies that guide development and public investments in City facilities and services such as parks, trails, fire stations, roads, sewer and water systems, and housing.  The Metropolitan Council defines basic requirements for information to be included in the plan, including demographic forecasts. 

Cities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area are required to update their comprehensive plans every ten years to ensure consistency with the Metropolitan Council’s plans, which are updated after every decennial census.  The Bloomington Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan update was prepared with guidance from a citizen advisory committee and incorporates input from numerous community engagement opportunities provided throughout the 3-year plan update process.  More detailed information on the update process and community engagement can be found on the “Update Process” and “Community Engagement” tabs located in the left-hand column.

The official public hearings on the draft Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan update were held before the Planning Commission on November 8 and 29, 2018 and at the City Council on December 3, 2018.  The plan was then submitted to the Metropolitan Council for their review, which concluded in July 2019.

The final Forward 2040 document has been revised to address comments received during the review and community engagement processes.  The City Council adopted the final plan on August 5, 2019, which can be found on the Documents tab here: