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Development Districts

The Planning Division guides the future land use, transportation, urban design and redevelopment of important commercial centers in the City of Bloomington. Key areas in the City are identified as development districts.

Current development districts include the South Loop District, the Penn American District and the Normandale Lake District.  Plans include Minnesota River Valley Strategic Plan, the Alternative Transportation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.

South Loop District

The South Loop area extends from I-494 on the north, TH 77 on the west, to the Minnesota River on the south and east.

The South Loop District Plan will guide future land use, transportation, urban design and redevelopment of this important commercial and employment center. One objective of the district plan is to establish a distinct mixed-use district that takes advantage of South Loop 's unique location adjacent to the 12th-busiest airport in the United States and a National Wildlife Refuge.

Penn American District

The Penn American District is the area along American Boulevard predominantly between Penn Avenue and I-35W. The City has identified this area as one in which redevelopment will occur over the next couple of decades.

With major transit investments expected to be made within the area, including I-35W Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and the I-494/35W interchange rebuild, major changes in traffic flow are expected in the area.

Normandale Lake District

The Normandale Lake District is a highly attractive area that, with some finishing touches, will be recognized as a distinctive metro area destination and neighborhood. The District will be a great place to call home for some and provide a good job and a transit-oriented work location for others. For the traveler, it will be a favorite place to stay while visiting Bloomington. For walkers, runners and cyclists, the District will be a four-season place to enjoy the contrast between nature and the city.

Minnesota River Valley Strategic Plan

In early 2014, the City of Bloomington began work on a master plan for City property in the Minnesota River Valley (MNRV).  The purpose of the strategic plan is to compile comprehensive information on the portion of the Minnesota River Valley owned by and located within the City of Bloomington in order to identify opportunities to enhance access, use and stewardship of this unique resource. The key goals of the plan are: enhance access, increase awareness, improve utilization, and ensure protection and preservation.

Alternative Transportation Plan

The Bloomington City Council approved the Alternative Transportation Plan on July 7, 2008, with the primary goal of developing a comprehensive system for inter- and intra-city travel.

The purpose of the plan is to enhance the quality of life in Bloomington through strategic investments over time in multi-modal transportation features that meet the needs of individuals and families living, working and recreating in Bloomington.

Comprehensive Plan

Bloomington's Comprehensive Plan 2008 was adopted on May 18th, 2009. Printed copies of the plan are available for purchase at the Planning Division Office, City Hall, 1800 W. Old Shakopee Road.

Since Bloomington's Comprehensive Plan 2008 was adopted, two major updates have been completed and subsequently adopted by the City Council. Links to each of these are provided on the Comprehensive Plan site.

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