Creative Placemaking Commission

Creative placemaking banner.

Mission statement and duties

Appointed by the City Council and Artistry Board, the Creative Placemaking Commission advises the City Council on using arts, design, culture and creativity to help accomplish the City’s goals for change, growth and transformation of the South Loop District in a way that also builds character and quality of place in Bloomington. In the future, the Council intends to extend creative placemaking to all of Bloomington.

The Creative Placemaking Commission:

  • Establishes strategies and approves work plans for Bloomington’s creative placemaking initiatives;
  • Promotes and markets placemaking activities in Bloomington to residents, visitors, employers, developers, and the media;
  • Adopts decision making criteria and processes for use of resources and project selection;
  • Cultivates relationships with project hosts, placemaking partner organizations and artists;
  • Reviews placemaking proposals and makes recommendations;
  • Submits annual work plans and progress reports to the City Council and Artistry Board of Directors.

The Commission is established in Section 2.82.01 of the City Code.

Read more about Creative Placemaking in the South Loop, and download the Creative Placemaking Plan.


The Creative Placemaking Commission meets the 1st Wednesday of each month from 5 p.m - 7 p.m. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, meetings may be canceled or held virtually in 2020 and 2021. Instructions to listen to virtual meetings will be posted on the agenda in the agenda management system. View the full schedule in the PDF link below.

South Loop

The South Loop is home to Mall of America, Bloomington Central Station and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and adjacent to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. By 2020, on a typical day the South Loop will have 6,000 residents, 9,000 hotel guests, 35,000 employees and 115,000 Mall of America visitors.

Staff liaison

The Creative Placemaking Commission’s staff liaison is Alejandra Pelinka, the City of Bloomington’s Director of Creative Placemaking.


The Creative Placemaking Commission consists of nine members, six members appointed by the City Council and three members appointed by the Artistry Board of Directors.

  • At least five of the nine members shall be residents of Bloomington.
  • Members may also be City Council members, Artistry Board members, or Artistry staff.
  • For the initial appointments in 2016, three of the Commission members will be appointed for a one-year term; three of the Commission members will be appointed for two-year terms and three of the Commission members will be appointed for three-year terms. After the first round of appointments, terms will be three years.
  • Artists are welcome to apply, but should note that any individuals serving on the Commission will not be eligible to apply for creative placemaking or public art projects.
  • Bloomington’s Director of Creative Placemaking will provide staff support to the Commission.
Name Position End Date of Term
Jessica Anderson Commissioner February 29, 2024
Leah Battin Commissioner February 28, 2022
Philip Burke Commissioner February 28, 2022
Mark Fabel Commissioner February 28, 2022
Heather Harden Commissioner February 28, 2023
Molly Rink Commissioner February 28, 2023
Jacqui Rosenbush Commissioner February 3, 2023
Jamie Schumacher Commissioner February 29, 2024
Liz Sheets Commissioner February 29, 2024