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Contact Information

Bloomington Farmers Market


Outdoor market vendor directory


The purpose of this vendor directory is solely to provide information for customers that wish to contact participating Bloomington Farmers Market vendors. This directory and any provided links should not be considered endorsements for particular businesses, vendors, products.

FM Vendor Map - 2022 early season

October 15, 2022 Vendors

(Final Outdoor Market of 2022)

Many of our vendors offer online ordering! Please click on a vendor name to get connected and place orders directly with the vendors through their website or social media pages. Not every vendor has the capacity to take online orders. Customers will still be able to shop with all of our vendors on market days. 

What's in Season chart

Click below for an interactive list of some of our most frequent vendors so you can learn more about what they offer. 

Final Outdoor Saturday Market of 2022 is October 15.  Indoor markets coming November 12, December 10, February 11 and March 11.