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Farmers Market Vendor Map July - October 2023

The purpose of this vendor directory is solely to provide information for customers that wish to contact participating Bloomington Farmers Market vendors. This directory and any provided links should not be considered endorsements for particular businesses, vendors, products.

October 14, 2023 Vendors 

**Final outdoor market of 2023**

1. Da's Fresh Cut Flowers
2. Thompson Hillcrest Apple Orchard
3. Eroc's LLC
4. Afribeads
5. Aspen Ridge Honey
6. Flour Power Cookie Co.
7. Alchemy Candle
8. GoGo Glam Household Goods
9. Timothy Vang
10. Vue's Farm
11. Mai and Pa's Vegetables
12. Peter's Pumpkins and Carmen's Corn
13. Brand Farms
Caribbean Heat
15. Wisconsin Cheese Co.
16. Natashia's Perogi
17. The Kraut Guy
18. Perfectly Imperfect Baking
19. The Minne Kernal
20. Sockeyed Salmon & O'Neill Family Farm

21. The Farm of Minnesota
22. Amazing Momo
23. Tollefson Family Pork
24. Groveland Confections
25. Ruhland's Strudel Haus

26. Norte Café
27. Xia's Fresh Cut Flowers
28. SRS Mythic Designs & Wyrd Sisters
29. Drockong Vang
30. Lee Family Farm
31. Berry Blendz
32. Mai Moua
33. Great Harvest Bread Co.
34. Phantom Creations
35. Pang's Vegetables

36. William Cookie Company
37. SoHo Co.
38. The Smiling Olive
39. Nelson Farms
40. Pflaum Farms
41. Svihel Vegetable Farm
42. Yang's Flowers and Vegetables
43. Edina Coffee Roasters

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Many of our vendors offer online ordering! Please click on a vendor name to get connected and place orders directly with the vendors through their website or social media pages. Not every vendor has the capacity to take online orders. Customers will still be able to shop with all of our vendors on market days. 

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