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Contact Information

Contact Information

Housing and Redevelopment Authority


Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program


The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program is temporarily on hold

Other Improvement Programs

Housing Improvement Area Program

HIA’s are City-funded loans that enable condo and townhome associations to complete needed improvements to common areas of their development that they are otherwise unable to finance.

Housing and Environmental Loan Program (HELP)

The HRA has developed a citywide loan program to assist property owners with serious code or health safety violations. Properties considered for this program must be referred by City staff. The purpose of this program is to encourage problem properties to come into compliance with City requirements and to address emergency repairs. Homeowners must demonstrate an inability to borrow funds from a private lender. The Housing and Environmental Loan is deferred and does not require repayment until the recipient sells, transfers title or no longer lives in the home. The maximum deferred loan is $2,500. A separate application must be filled out for the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program. 

Online resources

Home Energy

Home Improvement Fair

Home Improvement Seminars

Household & Outside Maintenance for the Elderly

Remodeling Resources