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Stories are in reverse chronological order.

  • Updated: April 22 -
    To better serve the community and meet the needs of the Fire Department, the City is building a new Fire Station 3 at 2301 86th Street East. The existing Station 3 is 50 years old and no longer meets the needs of the community or the Department. The new station will allow for adequate equipment storage, address health and safety issues for firefighters and be more energy efficient. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 16 -
    Why is the City exploring the construction of a new community center? Learn more »
  • Updated: April 16 -
    The City Council approved the 2019 general fund budget in December. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 15 -
    Starting in mid-April, the Park Maintenance Division, Fire Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will begin their third season of working together through prescribed burning to restore native prairies, wetlands and park landscapes within the City of Bloomington.  Learn more »
  • Updated: April 13 -
    Chief Potts addressed the media on Saturday, April 13. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 12 -
    At 10:17 a.m., the Bloomington Police responded to the South East Court at Mall of America on a report of a child falling from the third floor. While responding, officers received additional information that indicated the child may have been pushed or thrown from the third floor. Officers and witnesses located an injured five-year-old child on the first floor. The child was treated at the scene and then transported by ambulance to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 12 -
    Earlier this week the City Council directed staff to develop plans for a new community center at the Valley View complex. For the past year or so we have focused on the area around Civic Plaza and the existing Creekside Community Center, so the emergence of Valley View as an option may be surprising to some. I want to quickly explain that and give you an idea what will be happening in the next couple months. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 10 -
    The Saturday, April 13 Curbside Cleanup from Normandale to France will go on as scheduled. Forecasts indicate the weather for Bloomington will not impact this pickup service. Learn more »
  • Updated: April 10 -
    The Burnsville City Council will meet on March 5 to review an application to increase the capacity and height of the landfill at 2650 Cliff Road.  Learn more »
  • Updated: April 10 -
    Planning an event where you’ll be serving food or beverages to the public? Learn more »