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  • Updated: November 21 -
    More than 22 percent of Bloomington voters cast early ballots by mail or in person at Civic Plaza this year. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 19 -
    What is the waterpark project? At 225,000 square feet, the proposed $150 - $200 million waterpark project in South Loop would be one of the largest indoor waterparks in North America. The West Edmonton Mall (WEM) in Canada (which was a model for MOA and is also owned by Triple Five) has a 215,000-square foot, integrated and attached waterpark that brings in more than 500,000 users annually. The waterpark adds to the vibrancy and resiliency of the WEM. Not only does the WEM waterpark have slides and other rides, its large wave pool hosts evening beach parties and surfing leagues (even in the colder months), allowing for greater use of the venue. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 15 -
    The Public Health Alliance of Bloomington, Edina, and Richfield allows each city to have complete autonomy, yet work collaboratively toward promoting, protecting, and improving the overall health of these communities. Tobacco 21 (T-21) policy work is no exception and serves as a great example of how each city impacts the health of its stakeholders and takes action to make positive change. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 13 -
    In October, the City Council will host town hall forums to discuss topics of interest to the community. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 12 -
    In the South Loop District some roadways, intersections and parking areas currently encounter substantial congestion, while other roads and intersections are relatively unused. To address this, the City completed a study in 2007 of a wayfinding system to assist motorists in finding their way to destinations within the District, as well as to aid in balancing trips on the South Loop area roadway and parking network. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 08 -
    City flags are at half-staff until sunset on Saturday, November 10, as a mark of respect for the victims of the terrible act of violence in Thousand Oaks, California. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 06 -
    View results from the Minnesota Secretary of State's website. Learn more »
  • Updated: November 02 -
    Human Services and Northwestern Health Sciences University will host a veterans’ appreciation dinner Learn more »
  • Updated: October 29 -
    The Minnesota Supreme Court reversed a decision by the Court of Appeals that upheld the City of Bloomington’s implementation of an organized garbage and recycling program.  Learn more »