Recent news

Stories are in reverse chronological order. 

  • Updated: February 04 -
    The 2020 Census Complete Count Committee’s work plan is well underway.
  • Updated: February 04 -
    Bloomington Community Development Director Eric Johnson was named a 2020 Rubinger Fellow by the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC).
  • Updated: February 04 -
    Have you heard about Skywater Technology’s addition on 2401 East 86th Street?
  • Updated: February 04 -
    Engaged leaders help make a community thrive, and the Bloomington Leadership Program fosters success across our city.
  • Updated: February 04 -
    At the December 16, 2019 Council meeting, the City launched a $15 million Affordable Housing Trust Fund and approved a $7 million loan for nonprofit affordable housing developer Aeon to purchase Village Club Apartments.
  • Updated: January 31 -
    Station 3 is currently under construction at 2301 86th Street East. A new Fire Station 4 will be constructed on the current site at 4201 West 84th Street
  • Updated: January 28 -
    The City hired Faith Jackson as its first-ever racial equity coordinator in late 2019. The newly created position coordinates efforts to integrate racial equity principles into all City operations, projects and services.  
  • Updated: January 27 -
    When the Council laid out their most recent strategic plan, they committed to acting courageously to advance racial equity and indicated an interest in learning more about the topic. So, one of things I decided to do in this new role was host a series of Council training sessions that will help councilmembers recognize institutional and systemic barriers to services and opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC communities). The training is designed to be thoughtful, reflective and interactive.
  • Updated: January 15 -
    The City of Bloomington was awarded an allocation of $27 million in Housing Revenue Bonds today to support the development of 165 additional affordable housing units at 1950 East 86th Street in the South Loop district.  The funds will assist affordable housing developer Aeon in constructing the new infill development on the site of the recently acquired Village Club Apartments. 
  • Updated: January 02 -
    Ever wonder what happened at the last council meeting you weren’t able to attend or catch on cable?