Contact Information

Contact Information

Kari Carlson

Budget Manager

Community Budget Advisory Committee


In early 2020, it became apparent the City of Bloomington would face a multi-million dollar budget shortfall as a result of COVID-19. In an effort to ensure budget discussions reflected community preferences, the City Council appointed a Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) in May 2020. 

In September 2020, the committee asked what services matter most to residents. In October, the committee presented budget reduction recommendations to the community for comment. The Committee made their final presentation to the City Council on November 9, 2020 and concluded with a brief wrap-up meeting following the presentation.

Documents presented to the City Council on November 9, 2020:

Staff presentations to City Council on the 2021 Tax Levy and Budget:

Committee Charter

The Committee Charter describes the charge of the committee and their commitment to the work. The final document was adopted at the June 24, 2020 meeting.

Community listening sessions

Virtual listening sessions were held in September and October 2020 to provide residents and stakeholders the opportunity to share input into the City's budget process and the proposed budget scenarios. 

  • Zoom recording from October 17 listening session

Budget reduction options

In the fall of 2020, the City Council considered three different budget scenarios with various tax levy increases and service reductions developed by the Community Budget Advisory Committee.  Below are the initial list of budget reduction options and ranking from the committee.

Meeting agendas and webcasts

Meeting agendas and documents are available at

Webcasts of the Bloomington Community Budget Advisory Committee Meetings are available on the City's YouTube page.

Frequently asked questions

PDF versions of the above questions and answers, including translations in Somali and Spanish:



The advisory committee is made up of nine members who have knowledge of municipal budgets and City government. Through the coming months, the Community Budget Advisory Committee will engage community members and review the City’s budget and services to provide the Council recommendations given the budget challenges. By looking at the overall budget instead of reducing services one by one, the City Council and City staff are aiming to make sure service changes reflect what community members value most.