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Contact Information


BCAT classes


To register for a class, call BCAT at 952-563-4980 or email: You will receive a response confirming your registration.


The orientation is your official introduction to BCAT. You will get a complete tour of our studio and edit suites, and have the opportunity to pitch us your show idea as you get acquainted with the BCAT facility, procedures and guidelines.

  • One hour
  • Required for all members
  • Free

Studio Production

Studio Production class gets you inside BCAT's TV studio and control room. Learn the foundational operating skills of the studio camera, studio lighting, and control room.

  • Two hours
  • Required to reserve the studio and control room.
  • $25

Digital Video Camera

Digital Video Camera class will teach you how to use our prosumer digital camcorders. Once certified you can reserve a camera, tripod, and microphone to take offsite. The course covers basic camera angles and techniques. Combined, the applied techniques will help you get great video in the field or anytime you use a video camera.

  • Two hours
  • Required to reserve field video cameras and tripods.
  • $25

Digital Editing

In the Digital Editing class, you will get hands on experience with professional video editing software. You will learn to edit your footage together, add transitions, and create titles!

  • 2x two hour sessions
  • This class is required to use BCAT edit suites.
  • $50

Portable Lighting

BCAT has 3 portable lighting kits available. In this class you will learn how to set-up and operate lights for video production. You will also learn basic 3-point lighting technique.

  • By request only
  • Required to use portable lighting kits.
  • $25

Crew Class

In Crew Class, you will learn what it takes to be a crew member in any BCAT studio production. Crews can operate studio cameras and assist with studio productions.

  • By appointment only
  • Required for all crew members operating BCAT equipment.
  • Free