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Normandale Lake District

Map showing boundaries of the Normandale Lake District.
The Normandale Lake District Plan includes the area bounded by West 84th Street on the south, just beyond Stanley Road on the east, I-494 on the north and East Bush Lake Road on the west.

2017 Normandale Lake District Plan Update

The City updated the Normandale Lake District Plan in 2017. For more information see the 2017 NLDP Plan Update project page.


The Bloomington City Council originally adopted and placed the Normandale Lake District Plan into effect on May 19, 2008, through Resolution 2008-50. The Normandale Lake District Plan describes the relationship between new development and redevelopment and the traffic improvements necessary to accommodate future development.

The Normandale Lake District is a highly attractive area that, with some finishing touches, will be recognized as a distinctive metro area destination and neighborhood. The District will be a great place to call home for some and provide a good job and a transit-oriented work location for others. For the traveler, it will be a favorite place to stay while visiting Bloomington. For walkers, runners and cyclists, the District will be a four-season place to enjoy the contrast between nature and the city.

Bloomington ’s vision locates higher density, transit-oriented uses and regional shopping destinations along the I-494 and American Boulevard corridor. The Normandale Lake District is already established as the metropolitan area’s preeminent suburban office location and as a popular park preserve. It contains about 15 percent of Bloomington ’s future commercial and residential development potential.

Community benefits

  • Over 3,000 additional jobs, 500 new transit-oriented apartments, a revitalized neighborhood commercial center and regional park improvements.
  • Improved transportation and transit serving the District’s residents and employees.
  • Balance created among residential, office, hotel and retail uses.
  • The environment and surrounding open space protected.
  • District’s appearance unified with consistent streetscape, landscape and signs.
Normandale Lake District Plan
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