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98th Street Station Area Plan

Draft Plan

The draft 98th Street Station Area Plan can be viewed here:

PDF icon98th Street Station Area Plan_Draft.pdf

The draft plan will go to the Planning Commission for public hearing on December 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers. It is anticipated that City Council will hold a public hearing for adoption of the plan on January 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers. 

An interactive story map of the 98th Street Station Area Plan can be found here: 


Missed the open house?

Display boards that were presented at the open house can be found here:

PDF icon98th St SAP Display Boards.pdf

These boards provide background information about the METRO Orange Line, the Station Area Plan, and draft recommendations for the plan. 

What is the 98th Street Station Area?

The 98th Street Station Area is a half mile radius around the 98th Street Station roughly located a block west of 98th Street and Lyndale. (see map below) 

What is the vision for the station area? 

  • Enhance the public realm to create a sense of place
  • Promote development patterns that support transit
  • Improve access to the station for all users 

98th St Station Area Map


The planning process is underway. If you have any initial comments about the station area and what you hope to see from the Station Area Plan please email Michael Palermo at

What is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

  • Frequent service- frequent enough you don’t need a schedule
  • Train-like features- pay fare before boarding
  • Enhanced Stations – real time departure signs, enhanced maps
  • Enhanced Security – cameras, emergency phones, improved lighting
  • Special Vehicles – wider aisles and more doors

What improvements will the Orange Line include?

  • 17 Mile transitway connecting Burnsville, Bloomington, Richfield, and downtown Minneapolis
  • 12 transit stations with enhanced amenities
  • All-day, reliable, frequent service, seven days a week
  • Stations with enhanced accessibility and pedestrian improvements

Where can I find more information about the Orange Line

Metro Transit's Orange Line Webpage will provide you with the most current information related to the Orange Line.

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