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Contact Information

Police Department


Bloomington Police Department (Bloomington, Minnesota)


The Police Lobby is open from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. You can also reach the Police Department by calling 952-563-4900 or email In the event of an emergency, call 911.

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The mission of the Bloomington Police Department is to provide excellence in policing by protecting, serving and partnering with our community to improve its quality of life.


The Bloomington Police Department is committed to open interaction with our community.

We demonstrate our commitment through:

  • Service with honor and integrity.
  • Vigorous enforcement of laws.
  • Excellence in leadership.
  • Partnerships with business, neighborhood and youth communities.
  • Collaborative approaches to problem solving.
  • Recognition of the dignity and cultural identity of each employee and citizen.


The Bloomington Police Department is committed to building upon a foundation that values its past, recognizes present challenges and prepares for a changing society.

To demonstrate this commitment, we dedicate ourselves to:

  • Creating a culture that promotes, recognizes and values innovative policing strategies.
  • Becoming a learning organization receptive to change and in charge of its future.
  • Hiring the best employees and training them to the utmost standards. 
  • Always upholding our civic and constitutional responsibilities.

Message to our immigrant community

The Bloomington Police Department is here to serve all residents and visitors to the City of Bloomington. We want to reassure residents that the quality of service you will receive from our police department will not depend on your immigration status. Our department does not participate in immigration raids, and officers will not ask for your immigration status or immigration documentation. No matter who you are, if you’ve been a victim of a crime or witness to a crime, we want you to feel comfortable calling us. We all must work together to ensure that Bloomington is a safe and inclusive community for everyone.

Police misconduct inquiry form and BPD Manual

The Bloomington Police Department expects its employees to serve with respect, integrity and professionalism. It is the department's policy to investigate all allegations of misconduct concerning our employees. 

  • Bloomington Police Department Manual
    This manual is presented in its entirety, aside from the following sections: Special Orders 01-2; 02-01; 09-01; 09-02; 09-03; 09-05; and 96-5, Patrol Procedure 304 Bomb/Bomb Threats (4 pages), Patrol Procedure 314 Alarm Response Procedure (5 pages), and Investigative Procedure 410 Vice Operations (1 page). They have been redacted in accordance with Minnesota State Statute 13.37 for containing Security Information.