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Storm cleanup information for residents

After a storm, the City's Public Works crew survey the damage and commence cleanup operations on city streets and public property. After opening streets to traffic, crews work to clear streets of debris. Unless the City Council declares a City emergency, City crews do not pick up and haul tree material from the curb. Property owners are responsible for cleanup of privately-owned trees.

Your trash hauler may pick up bundled branches not exceeding 4 feet in length. You will need to contact your individual hauler regarding size of branches and any special arrangements for pick up.

Property owners may choose to remove their own tree damage or hire a service. If you choose to hire a private tree service, remember:

  • Get more than one cost estimate.
  • Ask for certificates of insurance showing coverage for property damage, personal liability and worker's compensation.
  • Clearly define what you expect the contractor to do. For example, removing limbs and hauling the limb to a disposal site or chipping the limb and hauling the chips away.