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Contact Information

Contact Information

Faith Jackson

Racial Equity Coordinator

Racial equity and inclusion


Racial equity is the pursuit of fairness and justice in policy, programs, and practices so racial inequities are eliminated. The City of Bloomington is committed to investigating how longstanding systems, policies, and practices create and sustain racial disparities in our communities.

In 2017, the City Council adopted a racial equity vision statement that reads: “The City of Bloomington will act courageously to advance Racial Equity. We will be a vibrant, safe, and healthy place where people of all races thrive.”  Equity and inclusion are also one of the City Council's strategic priorities. 

In 2019 the City hired a full-time Racial Equity Coordinator. The Racial Equity Coordinator is responsible for integrating race and equity principles into all operations, projects and services of the City. The coordinator will accomplish this through the application and integration of best practices, training City staff, and tracking and measuring outcomes.

The City has found success in identifying strategies to achieve equity both within the institution and community outcomes. The City's Racial Equity Business Plan codifies these efforts. Additionally, the City has utilized racial equity impact assessments to systematically examine how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision. 

The City also utilizes Racial Equity Action Teams (REATs) to help integrate race and equity principles into all City's operations, projects, and services.  REATs are staff-led teams that advance racial equity from the unique perspective of an individual department or division. The REATs are guided by a racial equity business plan that identifies goals and outcomes in three distinct areas): hiring (workforce mirrors the community we serve), training (assortment of training that develops racial equity as a competency), services (equitable outcomes in the design and delivery of services) and community engagement (authentically engage community engagement in design and implementation of city projects). These teams provide accountability and capacity-building to ensure staff has a shared understanding of why we lead with race, how we advance the work, and how we measure success.       

Racial Equity Business Plan

In October, 2020, the City Council unanimously adopted its first Racial Equity Business Plan. This plan is an evolving document to guide the City's racial equity work. It was developed by the Racial Equity Coordinator in collaboration with the City's Executive Leadership Team.

The plan captures ongoing equity and inclusion priorities from the Council's Strategic Plan. It provides goals, strategies, and performance measures that will move the work forward. 

Full text of the Racial Equity Business Plan