Traffic Studies

Current Studies

There are currently no traffic studies being conducted.

Knox Avenue and 83rd Street Intersection Study

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The City has received concerns from residents in the area regarding the intersection of Knox & 83rd Street. The City will be undertaking a study of this intersection and looking at ways to make safety improvements. At the open house City Engineering Staff will be available to talk about the study and some proposed solutions. During the intersection study, City of Bloomington staff will be conducting a trial of some of the potential solutions. The most notable will be temporary use of a traffic circle at this intersection

Past Studies

Nicollet Avenue Multi-Modal Corridor Study - Hennepin County

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Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Bloomington, is developing a striping plan for an upcoming repaving project for 2.30 miles along Nicollet Avenue (County Road 52) between American Boulevard and Old Shakopee Road (County Road 1). This provides an opportunity to re-evaluate the current striping of the roadway to ensure that it better meets the current and future needs of people walking, biking and driving through the corridor.

Portland Avenue Multi-Modal Corridor Study

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The purpose of the corridor study is to explore options for improving roadway safety and
operations and to address the current and future needs of autos, pedestrians, bicyclists,
and transit. Alternatives being considered include converting Portland Avenue from two
lanes in each direction, to one lane in each direction with a two-way left turn lane in the
center and bike lanes (this would require the removal of the limited on-street parking.)

106th Street Traffic Study

101st and Utah - Traffic Circle  

A study of the traffic circle installed at the intersection of 101st Street and Utah Avenue is ongoing.  City staff has collected traffic data consisting of speed, volume, crash history and conducted a resident survey.  This data will be compared to data collected before the circle was installed.  A final report is due in 2015

84th Street and Xerxes Avenue Traffic Study

The City of Bloomington is completing a traffic study on W 84th Street between France Avenue and Penn Avenue. The study is in advance of future PMP project in the area when we would have an opportunity to make improvements along the corridor and at the Xerxes Avenue intersection.

Final report

86th Street Multi-Modal Traffic Study

2012 After Study -  PDF icon 2012 86th St After Study.pdf

Recently the City of Bloomington was awarded federal grant money as part of the Efficiency and Energy Conservation Block Grant (EECBG). One of the projects selected for completion with this grant money was the 86th Street Multi Modal Traffic Study.

This study will develop a preliminary design for balancing vehicles, pedestrian and bicycle needs for the 86th Street corridor from Xerxes Avenue to East Old Shakopee Road. This corridor was identified in the Alternative Transportation Plan (ATP), dated July 7, 2008, as a primary east-west corridor in the City for bike and pedestrian activity. The corridor will provide a connection to trails and destinations such as city parks, regional park connections, schools, commercial and employment areas including the Mall of America, and bus routes.

The project was awarded to SRF Consulting on October 26, 2009 and the kick-off meeting was held on October 30, 2009.

The study will make use of a Stakeholders Group to meet regularly and provide feedback from numerous perspectives about the project and the proposed options. I have included information about the role of the Stakeholders Group as well as a list of the group members.

Council approved options

January 25, 2010

Other approved changes

Interim Recommendation (Council approved 6/7/10)
The interim recommendations will be implemented along with the planned maintenance (seal coat) project this summer. The City of Bloomington will be converting the striping on the corridor from the existing 4-lane configuration (2-lanes in each direction) to a 3-lane configuration (1-lane in each direction with a continuous dual left-turn lane, and a bike route on each side). The change will not affect the intersection of Lyndale Avenue, where the bike route will end and there will be a "Share the Road" section as you approach this intersection from both sides. Some signal modifications will be needed at the Nicollet, Portland, 12th Avenue and Cedar intersections.

Long Term Recommendation (Council approved 6/7/10)
The long term changes that were approved for 86th Street will include constructed improvements at Lyndale Avenue to continue the route through this intersection (for bike route continuity), and to construct the intersection improvements at Nicollet Avenue (for long term level of service improvements) and Portland Avenue (for safety improvements).

Indian Mounds Neighborhood Traffic Study

The Indian Mounds neighborhood was laid out in a grid pattern, typical for the era in which the area was developed. Many of the 3 and 4-legged intersections in the neighborhood remain in an uncontrolled state, which has served the neighborhood well for the most part. There are some intersections, however, that tend to suffer from persistent but infrequent crashes. The City is conducting a study to work with the neighborhood to address crashes at these intersections over the long term without creating traffic or neighborhood problems (speeding, cut-through, safety, noise, pollution) at other intersections or streets in the vicinity.

Neighborhood Open House #2

Neighborhood Open House #1

Highwood Drive Corridor Study

Council adopted recommendations


Highwood Drive Corridor
This summer the striping changes on Highwood Drive (converting it from a 4-lane undivided to a 2-lane with painted center median, left turn bays and on-street bike lanes) will be implemented in conjunction with a seal coat on the corridor (between East Bush Lake Road and West Bush Lake Road) and the far west segment (from West Bush Lake Road to the west terminus) was striped last week as part of the overlay project.

East Bush Lake Road Intersection
The recommendation falls right in line with the signal system construction project proposed by Hennepin County for 2015. As part of the study results, the City encourages the County to make any minor alignment improvements possible as part of the signal replacement and overlay project. The City will also work with Hennepin County identify opportunities to construct a southbound right-turn lane/bay at East Bush Lake Road and W 86th Street to safely serve the large number of southbound rights at that location.

West Bush Lake Road Intersection
This intersection will remain a 4-way stop. The City will review the southbound left turn lane capacity and need in the future when an opportunity arises to modify it.


This study is being conducted to plan for future cross-section and intersection control needs along Highwood Drive, from East Bush Lake Road (CSAH 28) to the west terminus near US Highway 169 (US169). Construction of the 169/494 interchange was substantially completed December of 2012. With the interchange project the intersection of US169 and Highwood Drive was eliminated and a cul-de-sac was construction on Highwood Drive at US169. The interchange project also included modifying Marth Road (which runs parallel to a portion of Highwood Drive), from a one-way only road to a two-way road on a ring route around the interchange. It is anticipated that these modifications will alter travel routes/patterns on surface streets in the area.

Prior to the nearby changes that will result in traffic pattern changes on Highwood Drive, this four-lane undivided roadway carried between 3,900 and 8,500 vehicles per day. There is a traffic signal at Highwood's intersection with East Bush Lake Road and a 4-way stop at its intersection with West Bush Lake Road. The traffic signal at its previous intersection with US169 has been removed and a cul-de-sac constructed at the new east terminus of Highwood Drive.


  • Develop a plan for intersection control at the intersection of Highwood Drive and East Bush Lake Road;
  • Identify any near or medium term improvements that could be made at the intersection of Highwood Drive and East Bush Lake Road to improve capacity and reduce delay;
  • Develop a plan for intersection control at the intersection of Highwood Drive and West Bush Lake Road;
  • Develop a roadway cross-section/lane configuration to optimize use of the existing roadway for vehicle and multi-modal needs, as well as aesthetics;
  • Identify phased-in options for cross-section/lane modifications;
  • Address pedestrian crossing safety concerns along the corridor;
  • Evaluate, and address if appropriate, speeding concerns along the corridor;
  • Identify and address other resident or stakeholder concerns along the corridor, as they become evident during the public involvement and stakeholder group process.

"Virtual" open house #1

The first open house was held at the Richardson Nature Center.

"Virtual" open house #2

The second open house was held at Peace Lutheran Church.


Highwood map

Poplar Bridge Neighborhood Traffic Study

Turn restriction follow-up report (March 2014)

Questions or comments about the reports listed above should be directed to:

Paul L. Jarvis, Traffic Management Coordinator | (952) 563-4548

Video of City Engineers Look to Reduce Neighborhood Traffic

What's been done: Turn restrictions

W 90th Street at Nine Mile Creek Parkway

  • No Right Turn, 7-9 a.m., Mon-Fri

France Avenue at Poplar Bridge Road

  • No Left Turn, 7-9 a.m., Mon-Fri

W 84th Street at Stanley Avenue

  • No Right Turn, 4-6 p.m., Mon-Fri

Stanley Avenue at Nine Mile Creek Parkway

  • No Thru Truck

Project documents

90th Street/France intersection

Reconstruction of the intersection is being designed and planned for Summer 2010.

84th Street/France intersection

Reconstruction of the intersection is being designed and planned for Summer 2010.

Input survey

Input surveys have been mailed out to the Poplar Bridge Neighborhood. We ask that the residents return the surveys by November 19, 2008. The purpose of the survey is to gather input from the neighborhood residents regarding the temporary turn restrictions and entry treatments.

Entry treatments and turn restrictions trial

Temporary entry treatments along with turn restrictions will be installed at the intersections of Poplar Bridge Road/90th Street and Nine Mile Creek Parkway, Stanley Avenue and 84th Street, and Poplar Bridge Road and France Avenue. They will be in place long enough for staff to collect traffic data in the neighborhood and removed prior to the first snow fall. Total time of installation should be approximately 30-45 days. Within the 30-45 days we will install the trial devices then allow two weeks for normal traffic patterns to emerge, collect data and remove the devices.

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