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Where you place your garbage cart matters

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Snowplow crews rely on residents to place garbage, recycling and organics recycling carts behind the curb and off the streets on their pick-up day.

Carts in the street hinder snowplowing operations and crews are unable to complete their job, which is to plow the full width of the streets.  Carts must also be shoveled out so haulers can access them safely and efficiently.

To help, please follow these cart guidelines:

  • Place carts two feet behind the curb, even if on your driveway.

  • Keep carts at least three feet from other carts and objects such as mailboxes, vehicles, bushes and trees so the hydraulic cart lifters can access them.

  • Shovel out carts.

Carts may be set out up to 12 hours before collection day and must be taken back in within 12 hours
after collection.

For more information about Bloomington’s residential solid waste program, visit,