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At your service: Mike Kalis, assistant maintenance superintendent

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Longtime Bloomington Public Works employee Mike Kalis was promoted to assistant maintenance superintendent last year and is part of the team that keeps the city’s storm sewers, streets, sidewalk trails, and traffic maintenance in good shape. He also communicates what is happening with staff, stakeholders and the community.

Having been with the City for 21 years, Kalis has done all of the work that he now helps plan and oversee. He also understands the work’s seasonal nature.

“In winter there’s a lot of snow plowing and some tree trimming.” Kalis shared. “Spring and autumn are street sweeping and street patching—a never-ending task in Minnesota’s freeze-and-thaw weather. Summer is construction projects identified in the Pavement Management Program, seal coating and storm sewer projects.

“I enjoy the people and all the new technology that allows us to keep the city’s infrastructure in great shape for our residents.” Kalis concluded.