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Contact Information

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Open Points of Dispensing (PODs)


In the event of a public health emergency, a large portion of the population may need medicine or medical supplies distributed in a short period of time. Points of Dispensing (PODs) are locations organized by public health where medication will be given to people to prevent disease in response to these public health threats. There are open and closed PODs for distribution of medication, the majority of the population would receive medication at an open POD.

An open POD would be setup by Public Health in conjunction with other local, state and potentially federal partners. Public Health would provide up-to-date information about when, where and how to get to an open POD. No form of identification is necessary to receive medication for yourself or family members. The only information required is a completed and printed POD pre-check screening form for each member of your family. The form is available in:

Questions? Contact Amanda Lemke, Public Health Specialist - Emergency Preparedness for more information.