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Recreational cannabis and your health

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Minnesota is the 23rd state to legalize recreational cannabis (marijuana). It is important to keep in mind the health impacts of this new policy. Health considerations include:  

  • No one under age 21 can buy or use recreational marijuana. 
  • Like alcohol and cigarettes, there is no safe amount of of marijuana if you’re pregnant. 
  • People who breastfeed or chestfeed are advised by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to avoid all cannabis use; there is no safe amount of cannabis for infants. 
  • Keep any cannabis products out of young children’s reach. These products can make them sick and cause a severe reaction requiring hospitalization. 
  • As with tobacco, secondhand smoke from cannabis may negatively impact health in multiple ways, from child development to heart and lung health.  
  • Cannabis use has harmful effects on youth including a higher chance of addiction. Read how to discuss the health effects of cannabis with your children at  
  • Do not drive under the influence of cannabis. Cannabis inhibits coordination, reaction time, and decision making. It can also  impair your perception, which compromises safe driving. It can take six to eight hours for these impacts to resolve, so use caution and plan accordingly. 
  • First-time users need to carefully learn their limits to avoid harmful reactions to the overconsumption of cannabis. The physical effects of using this substance will vary based on the product used, a person’s surroundings and mental state, and if a person uses other substances.  

Learn more about the health effects of cannabis at