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What is SkimStop?

SkimStop is a partnership program between the Bloomington Police Department and local businesses. SkimStop is designed to prevent skimming devices from being placed on or in gas station pumps. Residents gain consumer confidence through SkimStop, knowing that their credit card information is more secure at participating Bloomington gas stations. 

What is Skimming?

Skimming is a method of stealing personal information. A small device is attached to a credit card terminal that captures credit card data. In almost all cases, you have no way of knowing the device is there. Once the thieves have your information, they quickly create a cloned card and start their spending spree or sell the data obtained. These criminals can obtain the personal information from hundreds of people in a short amount of time. 

Participant Requirements

To participate in SkimStop, a gas station must:

  • Have its pumps inspected to look for signs of tampering or existing credit card skimmers.
  • Place tamper proof tape over the panel or door that provides access to the credit card machine at each pump. The tape shows "void" if it has been tampered with in any way.
  • Complete 24-hour inspections of each pump to ensure the tape has not been compromised. A log must be kept which shows the pumps have been inspected. 
  • An Officer from the Bloomington Police Department will audit the logs at least annually to ensure compliance

Current Participants

Participating Bloomington gas stations may also display a two-inch yellow sticker at their pumps. The below list includes the gas stations in Bloomington that have met the above requirements necessary to actively participate int he SkimStop program.

  • BP, 9200 Old Cedar Ave S.
  • BP Normandale, 5150 W. 98th St.
  • Bobby and Steve's Auto World, 7920 France Ave S.
  • Bobby and Steve's Auto World, 10740 Normandale Blvd.
  • Colonial Amoco, 9001 Lyndale Ave S.
  • Corner Markette, 10700 Bloomington Ferry Rd.
  • Dred Scott Automotive, 10800 Rhode Island Ave S. 
  • Gas For Less, 2625 Old Shakopee Rd W. 
  • GasPort Standard Service, 7801 Portland Ave S.
  • Holiday, 8331 Normandale Blvd.
  • Holiday, 8920 Penn Ave S. 
  • Holiday, 7901 Nicollet Ave S. 
  • Holiday, 8401 Lyndale Ave S.
  • Holiday, 5401 Old Shakopee Rd W.
  • Leroy's Great Bear Tire and Auto, 9000 Lyndale Ave S.
  • Penn Amoco, 8950 Penn Ave S.
  • Quality Care Tire and Auto Inc, 9140 Old Cedar Ave S.
  • Speedway, 8600 Lyndale Ave S. 
  • Speedway, 9250 Bloomington Ferry Rd.  
  • Speedway, 1280 W. 98th St. 
  • Speedway,1800 E. 90th St.