Animal Control Unit

Richfield, Eden Prairie and the Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC) have contracted with the Bloomington Police Department's Animal Control Unit to provide animal sheltering services. Animals from these entities are impounded and held at the Bloomington Animal Shelter in accordance with state law and existing contracts

Animal Control responds to nearly 3,000 animal-related calls for service each year. Nearly 600 domestic and non-domestic animals from Bloomington are impounded at the animal shelter each year, most of which are released back to their owners.

The Animal Control Officers also spend considerable time educating youth in the schools on animal safety programs. Each year they visit all elementary schools in Bloomington to deliver a fun-filled animal safety message.

Contact the Animal Control Unit 24 hours a day at 952-563-4942.

Animals in motor vehicles

Within the State of Minnesota, leaving a dog inside a parked vehicle is not a crime until the conditions in the vehicle present a health hazard to the animal.

If outside conditions warrant, please contact 911 when a violation is occurring.

Animal Control will be dispatched to take digital infrared temperature readings inside the vehicle. If the owner cannot be contacted, and conditions warrant, the animal will be removed and transported to the shelter.

Depending on the circumstances, a citation or complaint may be issued against the animal owner.


Bats found in living or sleeping areas may need to be captured if it is determined the bat may have bitten someone. The bat would be sent to the Rabies Diagnostic Lab for testing.

Bites and aggressive animals

All animal bites and aggressive animal behavior should be reported to the Police by calling 911.


Coyotes are one of nature's ways of controlling nuisance wildlife populations, such as rabbits, small rodents and deer. They generally stay away from people and there have been no reports of coyotes being aggressive towards people in Bloomington or surrounding cities.

Cruelty to an animal

Animal Control Officers enforce State and local cruelty laws. Call 911 if you witness cruelty to an animal. Call Animal Control at 952-563-4942 (24 hours a day) when you observe:

  • Neglect of an animal.
  • Unsanitary conditions.
  • Unrestrained dog(s).
  • Problems with cats

Injured wildlife

Although Animal Control Officers do not remove healthy wildlife from property, any questions about wildlife will be answered, and ACOs will respond to assist or remove injured wildlife.

Lost and found

Lost and found animal reports may be made at any time, 24 hours a day. Call Animal Control at 952-563-4942.


Excessive animal noise is prohibited. Call Animal Control to report a noise problem. If an Animal Control Officer (ACO) is not available, a Police Officer will respond.

Excessive noise is defined in City Code Section 12.99 of the City Code.

Restraining pets

Pets must be restrained at all times. Unlike dogs, cats and other pets must always be kept on the owner's property. Every dog owner must protect people, property and animals from injuries or damages which might result from the dog's behavior.

  • At home, a dog must be within a sturdy, enclosed fence or building.
  • A dog may be restrained within a secure vehicle.
  • When picketing a dog, use a chain or metal cable, which is attached to a fixed object. The picket should only be located in the rear yard of the owner's property and the dog's chain should not reach within 10 feet of the property line or sidewalk and fifty feet of a house other than the owner's.
  • When walking a leashed dog and a person or animal approaches within 20 feet, the leash must be shortened to six feet.
  • Voice control may be used if the dog is: on the owner's property, in a dog show or an obedience demonstration, hunting or retrieving game, or on City-owned property designated as an off-leash area.