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Opportunity Housing


Opportunity Housing: Creation and Preservation


A housing option in Bloomington.


Many people want to live in Bloomington but can't afford to. In 2019 the City approved the Opportunity Housing Ordinance focused on providing, maintaining and encouraging housing for all people. The City also works to help connect people with affordable housing, protect tenant's rights, and promote fair housing. 


"For many of Bloomington's workforce - including teachers, nurses and police officers - housing has become difficult to afford," Mayor Gene Winstead said. "We want people from all economic levels to be able to work and live in Bloomington, and this is just another way to do it."

Find Affordable Housing

Create Affordable Housing

Preserve Affordable Housing

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Affordable housing is both an economic issue and a social issue. Addressing affordable housing requires a flexible and comprehensive approach. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works.

Tools and Strategies

The Bloomington Housing Action Team (B-HAT), housing advocates, owners/managers of rental properties, renters, HRA Commission members, City Council members, City staff and other stakeholders, has been a major influence in creating these tools. The work group meets bimonthly at Civic Plaza and discusses a number of strategies for the City to consider, taking into account the amount of City resources required and the amount of influence the City has over each strategy. More information about the group can be found here.

Tools and Strategies

Opportunity Housing Ordinance

This ordinance requires developers of new housing and substantial housing rehabilitation projects to provide a minimum number of affordable units. The ordinance provides several incentives to add affordable units, such as density bonuses, housing tax increment financing and expedited reviews, among other incentives. The ordinance is comprehensive in scope and will help increase the supply of affordable housing units throughout the city.

Opportunity Housing Ordinance

More details about the ordinance as well as incentives and tools for developers can be found here: