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Meet a Bloomington Firefighter: Justin J. Florece

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Justin J. Florece has worked with the Bloomington Fire Department for two years as a paid-on-call firefighter out of Station 4 and now also as a full-time firefighter out of Station 6. Before coming to Bloomington, he held a position in marketing with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and in fitness and retail.

“When considering careers, I wanted three things,” Florece said. “To help others, to be on a supportive team and to problem solve. Firefighting was a perfect fit and has allowed me to make a positive impact in my community.”

Since starting with the BFD, Florece has completed many trainings, and he is currently working on a degree in fire science. Outside of work, Florece is a regular at the gym and plays rugby and pickleball.

“My capability as a firefighter is shaped by the lessons learned through competitive sports, such as fostering discipline, teamwork and resilience,” Florece said.

Florece’s fire safety advice

Replace any electrical cord that is cracked and frayed and plug only one electrical cord into each receptacle. And electric appliances that produce smoke or an unusual smell should not be used.