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Rainwater Gardens

Protect Bloomington's ponds, lakes, and waterways. In spring, look for dipped areas in your yard that are waterlogged and, instead of raising these low spots, plant rainwater gardens there for natural, on-site control of runoff.

Cost Share Information

Some of the watershed districts within the City of Bloomington have cost share programs available to residents. Find out which watershed district you are in.

Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

The Cost Share Incentive and Water Quality Restoration Program will award $20,000 to private or public water projects.

According to the District's water management plan; cost-sharing awards, made to institutions and individuals, aim "to provide educational, technical and financial assistance to landowners (residential, commercial, industrial... etc.); to implement projects that have water quality, water quantity, channel maintenance, trout stream, fen or wetland restoration, or aquatic habitat benefit within the District."

For clarification, contact District Administrator Linda Loomis at 763-545-4659 or

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is offering financial assistance for projects that protect and improve water and natural resources within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed.

Cost Share funds are awarded for up to 75% of a project's cost with maximum grant awards of $3,000 for residential projects, $10,000 for lake, townhome, and condominium association projects and $25,000 for commercial, nonprofit and government projects. The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Cost Share Program will accept applications through Friday, March 22, 2019.

Projects should achieve one or more of the following:

  • improve water quality or increase the capacity of the watershed to store water
  • preserve, protect, and restore native plant and wildlife habitat, with emphasis on locations at or near lakes, rivers, and wetlands
  • protect and preserve groundwater quality and quantity

Have questions? Attend a Cost Share Information Session.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
6:30-8 PM
Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (12800 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie)


Wednesday, February 20, 2019
5:30-7 PM
Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (12800 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie)

Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District

Information on cost share grants is generally available after the first of the year.  See the district website for more information.

Richfield-Bloomington Watershed Management Organization

Richfield-Bloomington Watershed Management Organization does not have a cost share program at this time.

Need help designing a rainwater garden?

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