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The adopt-a-drain program empowers the residents to help improve Minnesota's water quality. Existing across the Twin Cities metropolitan area, adopt-a-drain is available to Bloomington residents. Visit the following link for more information and directions on how to adopt-a-drain.

As an adopt-a-drain volunteer you should expect to spend fifteen minutes, twice a month on adopt-a-drain duties. This time includes raking, sweeping, and removing debris from drains and their nearby streets and sidewalks.

You are also asked to track your impact by estimating the total amount of debris collected and entering it into your online account. This data helps gauge the cumulative results of the adopt-a-drain program. Help Bloomington become a top adopt-a-drain performer!

Storm drains flow directly into ponds, lakes, streams, and wetlands. If the water on your street looks dirty as it flows into the drain then it is going to be dirty when it comes out. Preventing debris from entering storm drains helps keep water clean.

Dirty water causes many issues. More nutrients in the water, from grass clippings and leaves, can cause Blue-green algae blooms in ponds and lakes. Pet waste can also flow into storm drains and cause E. coli outbreaks. Plastics and other trash can harm wildlife and reduce the beauty of our city.

Even if you do not join the adopt-a-drain program, try to keep the roads and sidewalks clean. Do not put grass clippings or leaves into the street or sweep them up if you do.