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Environmental Health Division


Residential nuisance program case study


With more than 25,000 single-family homes, 10,000 multi-family dwellings, and 1,900 commercial properties in Bloomington, nuisance control is a big job. The Environmental Health Division needs your help in keeping the city looking good.

  1. A residential complaint is received or a violation is discovered through inspection.
  2. A correction notice is issued. The owner is given 10 days to comply (7 days for tall grass and weeds).
  3. City staff does a follow-up inspection and may contact owner or tenant.
  4. If compliance has not been achieved, a City contractor may cut the grass, remove refuse or staff take further enforcement action.
  5. The owner is billed.  If the bill or fines are not paid, the amount is assessed to the property taxes.

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