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Environmental Health Division


Licensed business inspections


Various other types of businesses, in addition to restaurants, bars, and lodging establishments, are required to hold a City license to operate or provide services in Bloomington.  The City does not have a general business license requirement, but the primary use must be conducted in an approved zoning district or a Use Permit must be obtained through the Planning Division.



[BCC Section 14.371 Tanning Regulations]

Tanning facilities using ultraviolet light to induce skin tanning present potential health problems and are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with local and state regulations.


[BCC Section 14.259 Massage Facilities]

Only those businesses licensed as a therapeutic massage enterprise, with registered therapists may conduct services to the public.  The licensing regulations are necessary to protect the health and welfare of the community.

Body art

[BCC Section 14.376 Body art establishments]

Commercial animal establishments

[BCC Section 14.92 Commercial animal establishments]

Any business that breeds, raises, sells, boards, distributes or exhibits animals for entertainment or educational purposes, such as, but not limited to, kennels, pet shops, petting zoos, riding schools or stables, aquariums, zoological parks or performing animal exhibitions shall obtain a license.  Annual and temporary licenses are available for permanent facilities or transient exhibits.

Temporary recycling events

[BCC Section 14.250 Temporary recycling events]

Events held on public or private property that are designed to collect recyclable materials for two days or less.  Given the potentially complex issues at these events, prior site plan review and operations approval are required to ensure adequate precautions will be taken in regards to environmental safeguards (noise, pollution prevention, etc.), pedestrian movement, traffic flow and other event organizer liabilities.


[BCC Section 14.237 Laundromats]