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Published monthly, the award-winning Bloomington Briefing is mailed to all single-family households and businesses.

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Community Outreach and Engagement Division


Let’s Talk Bloomington!

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The Community Outreach and Engagement Division is developing of a multiyear strategic plan that emphasizes the value of public participation in local government. Enter Let’s Talk Bloomington.

Let’s Talk Bloomington, a digital engagement tool, was launched in 2019 to gather input on City initiatives. The platform allows people to share opportunities and concerns through idea boards, mapping, polls, and surveys. Public Works, Community Development and Parks and Recreation frequently use Let’s Talk to gather input for projects.

In 2024, the City will be updating Let’s Talk Bloomington by department, themes and projects for easier navigation.

To participate on Let’s Talk Bloomington, register for the site or specific projects. Registration is not required to participate but allows staff to send news and updates to subscribers.

To register, visit and click “Join the Conversation.” To learn more about navigating in Let’s Talk, visit