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Recycling is real, and it works

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Misinformation swept through the media recently about recycling being a myth. In a recent Bloomington survey, 20% of respondents said they didn’t believe that recyclables got recycled. The truth is recycling is real, and it works.

After your recyclables are picked up from your curb, they’re taken to recycling sorting facilities in the Twin Cities where people and machines sort it into material types and sell it mostly to markets within Minnesota or the Midwest.

Plastic milk and laundry detergent jugs are transformed into decking, fencing and landscaping products in Paynesville, and plastic drink bottles and produce containers are made into new bottles in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Glass bottles and jars are sorted in Saint Paul. The clear glass goes to Shakopee to make new bottles.

Recycled paper and cardboard are made into cereal and cracker boxes in Saint Paul. Recycled food cans are made into new products like wire, and parts for cars and appliances at facilities in the Midwest.

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