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Earth action hero: Karen Shragg

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Karen Shragg

Karen Shragg, a Bloomington resident for nearly 29 years, is a lifelong environmental educator and activist. She was an interpretive naturalist and nature center director for more than 35 years, primarily at Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, a position she retired from to start Move Upstream Environmental Consulting. She is currently a board member of Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization.

To engage more people in learning about the natural world, Shragg has authored more than 15 books, including a Mountain Press book series with co-author Lee Ann Landstrom and  illustrator Rachel Rogge, titled “Nature’s Yucky! Gross Stuff that Makes Nature Work.”

The “Nature’s Yucky!” series intentionally highlights creepy behaviors and disgusting animal facts. “We try to use kids’ natural fascination with gross, icky stuff to help them learn about the world,” Shragg said.

Their fourth book on ocean animals was published in 2023. Did you know that the Queen Parrotfish sleeps in a bubble of mucus? “EEEWW that’s yucky,” or so the book’s refrain goes, all to help increase appreciation of life on this planet and encourage care of nature.

“Books create a ripple effect,” Shragg said. “Who knows how many people will read it or what effect it may have on environmental attitudes? If we see how the planet works, perhaps we will do better by it.”

If you know someone who’s working toward better environmental health, let us know at The City wants to highlight these Earth Action Heroes.