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Lori Economy-Scholler
Chief Financial Officer
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For information about any of the capital improvement projects under consideration, contact:

Ann Kattreh
Director of Parks and Recreation
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Contact Information

Contact Information

City of Bloomington


Investing in our community:  A plan for renewing public facilities


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As a city that was built out in the 1950s and 1960s, Bloomington has many facilities that need to be upgraded or replaced. The City Council asked the state legislature to approve a proposal to renew and invest in Bloomington’s recreational, sports and health facilities that residents could vote on in November 2023. The request was approved in May 2023.

Proposed projects
  • Nine Mile Creek Corridor renewal: $20 million.
  • Bloomington Ice Garden renovation, including a new roof: $37.272 million. The City has received $2.272 million from the State of Minnesota for predesign work.
  • Public Health and Creekside Community Center building replacement: $101.8 million. The City has received $1.8 million from the State of Minnesota for predesign work.

The City is seeking voter approval for a half-percent sales tax to fund the recreational, sports and health projects listed above. The estimated $12 million generated each year through a Bloomington sales tax would be used to pay for these specific capital improvement projects that have a regional impact.


The sales tax proposal referendum questions will be included on the general election ballot in November 2023. As required, each project will be a separate yes/no question on the ballot. Only projects approved by voters may be funded by the sales tax.