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Bloomington’s safety and the economy score well in local poll

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Bloomington residents consider the city’s safety and economy to be key assets according to the 2023 National Community Survey™. 

Approximately 9 in 10 respondents said they felt very or somewhat safe in their neighborhoods and in Bloomington’s commercial areas during the day, and from flood, fire or other natural disasters. Similarly, 8 in 10 respondents reported feeling safe from violent crime and property crime.

Bloomington’s economy results were on par with or higher than benchmark comparisons to other communities nationwide. Ratings for Bloomington as a place to work, employment options and shopping opportunities eclipsed those in comparison communities nationally.

Respondents poured out praise for Bloomington’s drinking water. This year’s approval rating of 92% ranked Bloomington number one among hundreds of benchmark cities nationwide. 

Other findings

• 88% of respondents rated Bloomington as a place to live as excellent or good, similar to last year’s score.

• Snow removal continued to get high marks with a satisfaction rating of 92%, ranking again in the top 15% of all jurisdictions polled nationwide. 

• Street repair, ease of walking in the city and opportunities to participate in community matters were cited as areas
for improvement.

This was the 12th consecutive year that the National Community Survey™ was conducted in Bloomington. The poll was performed by Polco/National Research Center.

A total of 709 residents completed the random sample poll conducted between April 27 and June 8. For more information and survey results, visit the City’s website at