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The City of Bloomington recognizes that all small businesses, particularly historically underserved, are assets to Bloomington’s commercial/business fabric and provide a vital role in the health of neighborhoods. Small businesses create community, provide local employment, and provide local goods and services to a neighborhood. Without such small businesses, the vibrancy of the neighborhood is affected, and residents might not be able to obtain their basic necessities. The City of Bloomington fosters small business development and wishes to retain small businesses displaced by redevelopment.


To provide financial tools and incentives for preventing Bloomington-based small businesses from being displaced outside of Bloomington due to redevelopment and to support small businesses most impacted by displacement pressures and become a city whose outcomes match its priorities and values.


  • Direct Displacement: when businesses are forced to vacate due to redevelopment.
  • Small Business: businesses with less than 50 full-time employees or equivalent, and under two million in annual revenue.

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