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Window and door replacement

Why replace windows and doors?

Windows and doors are important elements in the performance, energy efficiency, maintenance and aesthetics of your home. Older window and doors can cost you more in keeping up with your homes thermal comfort. Drafts are common with older windows and doors which is one of the biggest reasons for high energy bills. Older window and doors can be more difficult to maintain especially in cleaning. Newer window and doors can give your home that ‘curb appeal’ which is necessary if wanting to sell your home or just enjoying it.

How to know when you need to replace windows or doors

  • High energy bills.
  • Drafts.
  • Windows panes cold to the touch.
  • Windows difficult to open or close.
  • Windows rotting or paint peeling.
  • Blower door test.

Do I need a permit to replace windows?

If you are replacing the window in the exact same openings then a permit is not needed. If you are going to modify the size of the opening(s), a permit is required.

Visit our permits and building codes page to learn more about the specifics of permits and codes.