Water usage

Water use varies by season and year. Daily demand in Bloomington has grown from a few million gallons per day in the early 1960s to an all-time high of 39.5 million gallons of June 20, 1988. At present, approximately ten million gallons are consumed on an average winter day. Summer use varies depending on the weather; it commonly reaches 20-25 million gallons per day.

With the remodeling of the Sam H. Hobbs Water Treatment Plant completed, the City is now able to produce fourteen million gallons of treated drinkable water per day twice its previous capacity. In 1960, a few hundred customers were served by public wells with limited capacity. As the transmission and distribution piping was extended, these wells were replaced by higher quality treated water. Today, about 25,195 properties are connected to the water and sewer systems. While the Mall of America is the biggest single water user, it accounts for only about four percent of the total annual water use in the Bloomington system.