Water System Master Plan


This section presents a summary of the findings and recommendations for the Water System Master Plan for the City of Bloomington. The report evaluates improvements to the existing water supply, treatment, and distribution facilities necessary to meet present and future needs through the Year 2030.


Bloomington is a nearly fully-developed, mature community that can be characterized by two distinct areas:

  • The area east of I-35W is older and more established, characterized by more compact development. Most of the redevelopment within Bloomington is occurring in this area.
  • The area west of I-35W is characterized by newer, larger homes on larger lots.

Most of the development since 1990 has been concentrated in the Mall of America area and along the I-494 corridor. Population growth within the City has stabilized, while the number of households continues to increase at a moderate rate as higher density, multi-family units replace single family housing. Employment growth has increased substantially with the opening of the Mall of America and the growth of the hospitality industry.

Distribution System Facilities

The distribution system is currently supplied from two sources: the City's water treatment plant and a connection to the Minneapolis distribution system. The water from the treatment plant is stored in a 4-million gallon treated water reservoir and pumped to the distribution system by the high service pumps. The water from Minneapolis is delivered to two 10-million gallon storage reservoirs and pumped to the distribution system.