Water Emergency and Conservation Plan

aka, The Water Supply Plan

The Department of Natural Resources has mandated that all public water suppliers in Minnesota which serve more than 1,000 people must have a water supply plan approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Water supply plans must be updated and submitted to the DNR for approval every ten years (Minnesota Statutes 103G.291). The first plans were required to be completed by January 1, 1996, and the second generation of water supply plans were due in 2006. Implementing a DNR-approved water supply plan satisfies contingency plan requirements for wellhead and source water protection plans, State Drinking Water Revolving Fund application requirements and certain comprehensive plan requirements for communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

Bloomington has updated their original Water Supply Plan in 2007 and submitted it to the Minnesota DNR for review and approval. Once approval was obtained, the Water Emergency and Conservation Plan was presented to and adopted by the Bloomington City Council. A Water Supply Plan is also a required element of the Metro Area Community Local Comprehensive Plans. The Water Supply Plan was submitted to the Metropolitan Council at the same time the Water Emergency and Conservation Plan is submitted to the DNR.