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Yard waste bags

Yard waste and utility billing

Weather permitting, annual full-season yard waste subscription service runs weekly from April 15 to November 30. Garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, weeds, soft garden materials, shrub and tree waste, prunings, and wood chips are collected. No dirt, sod or rocks are accepted.

Make sure all twigs and branches are approximately three feet in length and no more than three inches in diameter. Put yard waste material in an approved cart or compostable bags, or tie into bundles and place on the ground. Keep the weight of bags and bundles at 40 pounds or less.

Compostable bags must be used for bagged yard waste pickup. Paper (Kraft) bags or compostable plastic bags are acceptable. When purchasing yard waste bags, look for Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or Cedar Grove certified bags.

As an alternative to full-season yard waste subscription service, residents may request on-call services for a fee. All bags collected on an on-call basis must be labeled with a sticker that can be purchased from the Finance Department at Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road.

For information, visit, call 952-563-8726 or email