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Hennepin County raises solid waste management fee

Effective April 1, Hennepin County will increase its Solid Waste Management Fee for all garbage services in the county. Residents will pay the newly adjusted fee, which appears on their residential utility bills. The City remits the collected fees to Hennepin County on a monthly basis.

The fee pertains only to services related to garbage. Charges for the collection of extra garbage bags or bulky items, including furniture and mattresses that are disposed of as garbage, are subject to the fee. Charges for items not disposed of as garbage, including recycling, yard waste and bulky item collection of electronics and appliances, are not subject to the fee.

The Hennepin County Solid Waste Management Fee was established in 1994 to fund environmental programs that protect human and environmental health. These programs include waste prevention, recycling and organics recycling, as well as environmental education and protection programs.

For more information, visit or call Utility Billing at 952-563-8726.