A popular housing architecture style in the United States between the 1940’s-1970’s. Ramblers are noted for their long, close-to-the-ground profile and minimal use of exterior and interior decoration. Other names for ramblers include ranch-style houses, American ranch, California ranch and rancher.

Many ramblers in Bloomington look like this one: rectangular and simple.

Ramblers in Bloomington

In the 1950s, Marv Anderson was a prominent rambler builder in Bloomington, along with Orrin Thompson and Vern Donnay. During a time when thousands of new homes were constructed in the city and the demand for quality homes was high, Marv Anderson was prolific, staying ahead of the curve by designing quality, affordable ramblers with more than 1,000 square feet.

Marv Anderson ramblers have stood the test of time. As they turn 50, ramblers are once again gaining popularity – a testament to the expert design, quality of materials and good workmanship that went into building these timeless classics

Changing ramblers

Much of Bloomington’s housing stock is made up of these ramblers; in fact you might live in one. The reason these ramblers have stood the test of time is because of how easy they are to renovate, remodel and update. At the time of their construction, ramblers fulfilled the American dream of home ownership, increased the standard of living and gave birth to a new way of live.

Ramblers have a kind of beauty in their simplicity, efficient design and creativity of design with inexpensive materials. In short, ramblers have helped shape many American neighborhoods.

Restoring ramblers is gaining popularity in the United States. You can find many books and magazines dedicated to these restorations. Many Americans dislike these kinds of homes because they lack the pizzazz of today’s McMansions; but these homes should be celebrated in their historical value and importance to America.

Your rambler can be remodeled to fit your needs and tastes because its simple design allows you to do that. Need more bedrooms? ... Have you recently become an "empty nester"? ... Or do you just desire to improve the layout of your home? Visit our sample remodeling plans page for ways to update your rambler.