Steve Gurney

At your service: Steve Gurney

You can tell when someone really likes their job. Enter Steve Gurney, a water resources expert with the City. 

“I really love what I do,” he said. “I love serving the residents of Bloomington.”

While Gurney has worked in water resources for decades, he began his work for the City as a water resources specialist in 2013. He was promoted to a new position last year as a civil engineer in water resources. Both roles have a similar purpose—to protect and improve surface water in Bloomington. 

Everyone can help. Gurney has suggestions on how you can make a difference with water quality. Understand what your impact is on the environment and aim to make good choices. Don’t put leaves into the street, and don’t dump paint down the drain. A mutual commitment from the community and the City can improve surface water quality for generations to come. Bloomington’s scenic lakes, ponds and streams are worth the effort.

“One of the things Bloomington is blessed with is a lot of surface water,” Gurney said. “The City works to protect it and make it better.”