At your service: Park-keeper Craig Havlicek

Craig Havlicek has an attentive eye and keeps things tidy around the city. In a blink, he multitasks taking care of several pieces of litter, a fallen branch, a misplaced sprinkler head and a parched basket of flowers. To say his day involves many things in many places would be an understatement, but Havlicek loves the variety and takes pride in keeping things looking good and running well.

“There isn’t a park I don’t know in Bloomington,” Havlicek said.

During the warmer months, he regularly inspects dozens of playgrounds to make sure they are in safe condition. Come winter, he does plowing and maintains skating rinks. In late spring, it’s time to get the hanging baskets up and growing outside of the entrances of Civic Plaza. 

Havlicek enjoys working outdoors and the people he meets. After 25 years with the City and as a Bloomington resident for most of his life, he seems to know everyone. When Havlicek’s around, expect a smile and a friendly “Hello.”