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Senior Water Resources Manager Bryan Gruidl

At your service: Keeping water clean

The high quality of Bloomington’s bodies of water is no secret. Senior Water Resources Manager Bryan Gruidl works to make the reputation hold true on every level.

He oversees the storm water pollution prevention program and permits with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. From parks to watersheds to redeveloping areas, Gruidl is involved to ensure that water integrity is considered and improved.

“I enjoy implementing projects around town and seeing the impact they have,” Gruidl said. “Essentially my job is about helping people. It’s nice to work with residents with unique water concerns and work out a solution.”

He’s quick to attribute every success to teamwork. Collaborating with other water experts, departments and agencies is one of the things Gruidl enjoys the most about his job.

During the 13 years Gruidl has been with the City, two projects stand out because of their magnitude: the Normandale Lake Water Quality Improvement Project and the Penn American District Stormwater Project.