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At your service A clean sweep

When it comes to keeping Bloomington’s roads clean and safe, Equipment Operator Joe Dubay has the procedure all mapped out. He has been on the job for 36 years and is part of the team in charge of sweeping and plowing 2,089 lane miles of roadway in the city.  

“The biggest thing about sweeping the streets is making sure leaves and garbage don’t go through the storm drains into lakes and rivers,” Dubay said. “I like to think I make a difference in my own way keeping our water healthy.”

Street sweeping is a three-step process. First, a truck goes through to wet down streets to prevent dust clouds. Then the sweepers come through and gather the debris. When the sweeper is full of debris, they dump their collection into the haul truck. That brings the sweepings to the landfill. In the fall, crews donate the leaves collected during street sweeping to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community for compost.  

Soon crews will pull out the plows to prepare for ice and snow.