Voters decide on ranked choice voting and garbage and recycling collection

Bloomington residents voted to keep City-organized collection in November. There will be no change in the way your garbage and recycling is collected. On the first ballot question, residents voted to amend the City Charter to give residents the chance to vote on changing to a City-organized waste-hauling system. On the second question, residents voted to allow the City to organize trash hauling, with more than 70% of voters in favor of keeping City-organized collection in place. 

That outcome means the Charter will be amended and organized collection will continue in Bloomington. Residents should continue to set carts out as usual by 7 a.m. on their regular collection day. See holiday collection information and a full 2021 collection calendar here. 

Fifty-one percent of voters approved ranked choice voting for future council and mayoral elections. The ranked choice voting system will be used beginning with the 2021 election. Learn more at