106 Street Bridge

Traffic projects finishing at I-35W and 106th Street

Over the last three years, multiple construction projects have been underway around I-35W and 106th Street. The work is scheduled to be completed this year and some projects are ahead of schedule. While the projects are separate undertakings by MnDOT and the City, they are related in their purpose to improve traffic flow and promote safety for motorists, pedestrians, bikers and other users.

This spring MnDOT will complete the I-35W Minnesota River bridge project. Work included reconstruction of the I-35W bridges spanning the Minnesota River and 106th Street. Pavement was replaced from Cliff Road to 106th Street and a pedestrian and bike trail was added on the east side of the river bridge. For up-to-date MnDOT project information, visit blm.mn/mndot35.

A separate City project will reconstruct 106th Street between Verdi Road and Lyndale Avenue with connections to new trails and other improvements. Access to 106th Street from West Bloomington Freeway and River Terrace will be permanently closed. The goal is to have the project complete by August.

Another City project, the East Bloomington corridor reconstruction, will restart this spring. Last phases include final paving of the East Bloomington Freeway Trail.

This area has endured several years of construction activity and all are looking forward to this work being completed. “We tried to get all projects done at one time so when it’s done, it’s done,” Civil Engineer Amy Marohn said.

For more information about City projects, visit blm.mn/roadprojects or call 952-563-4532.